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About Kenpo 5.0 Martial Arts

American Kenpo version 5.0 is derived from the last generation version of American Kenpo taught directly from Senior Grand Master Ed Parker to Jeff Speakman. Mr. Speakman added ground fighting brought to the existing curriculum to preparing students in defending against an opponent in the street.

We teach Kenpo 5.0 to anyone who has a desire —  Unlike other martial arts schools, we do not require you to sign long term contracts. You just pay one low monthly fee for your martial arts and self defense classes at the beginning of each month. Many martial arts...Read more

Terry Baldwin Jr.

Director / Sensei
Terry Baldwin Jr.

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Starting / FAQ

You absolutely do not need to be in shape to get started. You’ll find that our classes for beginners are the perfect way to build up your overall fitness level regardless of your physical condition. Good luck!
We open on Tuesdays and Thursdays and welcome potential new students. We do ask that you call ahead and let us know you will be in attendance.
Our own dojo owner, Shihan Terry Baldwin started studying Karate in his 30s. You too can start today, no matter what your age.
You only get what you put in. We do not guarantee you will not get injured; we do work with a number of weapons. Most injuries are the result of weapon user errors and are minor.

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Call us 24/7
414 S. Main
Desoto, Mo
Working Hours
Tue & Thur: 3:30PM - 8:45PM

Rising has specialized in martial arts since 2011 and has one of the most innovative programs in the area.

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