Youth Beginning

Age 5 - 11 Yrs Old

Yellow - Orange Belts
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Our Youth Beginning class excels through the curriculum more rapidly than the Youth Introductory class. This class spends more time working on katas challenging the students' memory skills.

A "kata" is a combination of movements choreographed in a fluid motion. The moves within the kata are designed as a methodology to help participants practice correct, safe, form in a way that is easy to memorize.

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Many of the movements utilized in the katas are translated to katas and combinations used with weapons. Similar moves can also be applied to diverse weapons.

The motivation to learn how to use different weapons is to educate students of the history of karate and develop their self-defense skills. Some weapons, like the tonfas, originated from household items. By training with diverse weapons students will learn how to improvise in unexpected situations.

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Learning combinations support the process of learning both katas and weapons. Combinations focus on technique, speed, and improve memorization skills. These combinations may be done on a bag or with a partner. As students complete the combinations are they are encouraged to speed up and corrections are implemented as instructors observe them.

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