Kenpo 5.0 - Teens

10 - 18 Yrs Old

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6:00 - 6:45 pm


7:30 - 8:15 pm


6:00 - 6:45 pm


4:40 - 6:00 pm
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As you earn your way through the belts you are expected to retain what you have learned in previous belts. The Rising Star has a great program that allows darker belts to teach, lead, and support lighter belts success. Teaching and leading is a part of the learning process within the Rising Star curriculum.

Classes are divided between the lighter and darker belts to ensure that the level of training being provided is reflective of the skill of the students. Darker belts train more intensely to prepare them for the level of difficulty of their testing. All belts will train at all levels but must reach specific milestones before they can test for the next belt rank.

Health Benefits for Teens

Many benefits come from learning martial arts outside of how to defend yourself. Self-defense should not be the only reason to consider signing up for a class. To be successful in attaining achievement you must learn how to support others, lead, and teach. As your belt gets darker you are expected to uphold higher standards.

Before committing try a class! Martial arts is a great alternative to traditional fitness and sports options. At the Rising Star we treat each other like family.

  • Build Physical Strength
  • Improve Balance
  • Become More Flexible
  • Build Self-Esteem
  • Gain Self-Respect
  • Build Self Awareness

True Focus of Karate

The true focus of Karate is not self-defense, its about:

  • Avoiding Violence
  • Anti-Bullying Tactics
  • Self-Discipline
  • Health

Rising has specialized in martial arts since 2011 and has one of the most innovative programs in the area.

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