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6:00 - 6:45 pm


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Your age should not suade you from considering the study of karate. There are many advantages for children and adults. This class allows parents to train with their children often providing new support and determination. The Rising Star also allows prospective students to try a free class before making a full commitment. When parents come to train with their students support comes from everyone. At the Rising Star encouragement comes from instructors and students.

Training As A Family


As you train with your children you develop a better understanding of the requirements of your children and be able to better support them.


Children excel in development when they are supported and encouraged by their parents. What a better way to encourage your children than by joining the class. You will be able to develop a new skill of your own and build your children's confidence.

Get Fit

In addition to supporting your children, you are able to improve you personal physical fitness. Karate requires commitment, strength, and endurance; as you train, your level of fitness will increase.

Self Esteem

By getting involved in your children's extracurricular activities you are showing interest and help their self-esteem. You are placing yourself in a position that will allow you to encourage and praise your children as they learning.


As you encourage your children's success and involve yourself, you will be able to excel their growth and increase their desire to succeed. If your children currently train and you choose to join later you will likely see a spark of excitement for them to be able to share with you what they have already learned.


Your dedication and involvement in your children's advancement ultimately demonstrates the level of your enjoyment of training and watching them excel.

Our Instructors


Rising has specialized in martial arts since 2011 and has one of the most innovative programs in the area.

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