Sensei Jeanette White

Head Kata & Tonfa Instructor

As a third degree black belt, Jennie assist with classes and administering belt tests. Sensei has:

  • Awarded Student of the Month in October, 2012 & July, 2014.
  • Became an Assistant Instructor in 2012.
  • Received the Most Improved Student Award in 2012.
  • Awarded the Assistant Instructor of the Year Award in 2013.
  • Received┬á Bo/Staff Certification in March, 2014
  • Earned 1st degree black belt in February of 2015.
  • ┬áNamed Instructor of the Year in 2015 & 2018.
  • Reached 2nd degree black belt in August of 2016.
  • Graduated to 3rd degree in March of 2018.
  • Became a member of Lou Angel’s National College of Martial Arts in August 2017.

Sensei White has been studying martial arts at the Rising Star Martial Arts dojo since January of 2012. She originally enrolled to encourage and spend time with her daughter Jessica, who also teaches at the dojo. Sensei is passionate towards katas; she enjoys the process of learning and perfecting each move necessary to complete the katas.

Weapons are also of a great interest to Sensei White. Her weapon of choice is tonfas; because you can use everyday objects to quickly create the weapon if necessary. The wood is also more comfortable to work with.

Professional Life:

Jennie is a full-time grade school teacher. She has been teach for 24 years. She is currently teaching 3rd grade but has also taught Kindergarten and 1st grade.







Family is of great importance to Sensei White. She trains with her daughter; they have went through every belt test together supporting each other and working on supporting each one's progress.

I really appreciate how Sensei White breaks the moves down and relates them to simple things so we can understand them.


Jennie also enjoys reading historical fiction and Christian suspense in her spare time.


Rising has specialized in martial arts since 2011 and has one of the most innovative programs in the area.

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