Kyoshi Dan Murrill

Head Goju Karate

Sensei Murrill has been training in traditional karate for over 30 years and teaching for 25 years. Sensei is dedicated to teaching those who have a true desire to learn and grow.

Through the years Sensei Murrill:

  • Earned the mater teaching rank of Kyoshi in 2008.
  • Earned the rank of Shichidan (7th degree black belt) in Tenshi Gojo in 2013.
  • Has been a direct Student of Grandmaster Lou Angel for the past 25 years.
  • Has traveled to train with many Karate masters in the USA and Okinawa Japan.
  • Is a member of the Tenshi Goju Kai and National College of Martial Arts (NCMA)



Martial arts have been a part of Sensei's life for more than three decades. He believes in preparing yourself for any situation and have sought out diverse opportunities  to continually build his knowledge in skills.

Professional Life:

Dan started a career in mainframe computer field engineer in the early 70s. He explored down the entrepreneurial track starting a successful transportation software company in the 80s and then a web development company in the 90s. He retired after 20 years in the software business.

During his retirement he continued to consult with smaller startup companies until 2013. Dan relocated to Hillsboro to be closer to his grandchildren.



Kata Bunkai


Self Defense


Sensei is an Instrument Rated Pilot, which allows him to fly through the clouds without visual reference to the ground. He has been flying for over 40 years and had his Instrument Rated certification for 35 years.

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Clifford Cartervisitors / businessman

Dan has become a certified NRA instructor for Refuse to be a Victim, Home Firearm Safety, Personal Protection of the Home, Personal Protection Outside the Home, Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun, Muzzleloading, Shotgun and Metallic Cartridge Reloading.


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