Each belt color is a reflection of the student's skill level and progress. Once students reach a specific skill level Sensei Baldwin transitions them into contributing to teaching lighter belts.

Belt levels in Karate represent more than the skill level of the person wearing it. Each belt has further symbolism:  


White Belt

Rising Star provides every new student with a white belt. The white belt is a representation of the student's commitment to learning a new karate skills.

White/Yellow Belt

Graduating from a white belt to a white/yellow belt is the first big milestone for new karate students. This belt reflects that the student has a solid foundation for continuing to earn yellow belt status. Testing for this belt requires:

  • 5 Stances
  • 2 Techniques
  • 1 Instructor Led Kata
  • 1 Self-Defense Move
  • 1 Combination

Yellow Belt

Students who have learned and practiced the basic moves of karate qualify to wear the yellow belt. Testing requires the student to show the continued growth of skills by executing:

  • 6 Stances
  • 8 Techniques
  • 1 Kata
  • 1 Weapon
  • 3 Self-Defense Moves
  • 3 Combinations

Yellow/Orange Belt

As a student progresses through the curriculum and masters new skills towards an orange belt he or she must first qualify proving a solid foundation with the yellow/orange belt qualifications:   

  • 8 Stances
  • 14 Techniques
  • 2 Katas
  • 3 Weapons
  • 6 Self-Defense Moves
  • 3 Combinations

Orange Belt


Orange/Green Belt


Green Belt


Green/Blue Belt

Blue Belt


Blue/Purple Belt

Purple Belt


Purple/Brown Belt

Brown Belt


Brown/Black Belt

Black Belt


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